English Breakfast

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English Breakfast

Postby aztea » Nov 5th, '09, 11:35


I am curious about any very good English breakfast teas are out there that might not be as well known. Looking for some high quality teas to try. I'm a fan of Assam however my wife really likes Keemun... guess we just have to get both :) I see that Tea Source has some breakfast blends and there appear to be good things to say about their offerings on these boards. Any other suggestions?

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Re: English Breakfast

Postby artmom » Dec 1st, '09, 08:57

Harney and Sons has a good English Breakfast made with keemun. It is very smooth and doesn't have a bitter bite to it. :)

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Re: English Breakfast

Postby Chip » Dec 1st, '09, 11:50

I am a big fan of Keemun, has always been my fave black. Yet I am not a fan of Assam at all.

As much as I am a fan of Keemun, I never went the route of English Breakfast, instead went for just plain ole Keemuns, tried a lot of them. You might want to give that a try for your wife.

Most English Breakfasts that I have tried tasted like a watered down version of the real thing, which is Keemun, since traditionally, English Breakfast is made with Keemun.

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Re: English Breakfast

Postby aztea » Dec 4th, '09, 10:12


I have been looking and branching away from some of the "blends." We're going to try some Keemun and Assams and go from there.

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