Soapy Fujian Baroque

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Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby Ajutant » Nov 14th, '09, 01:19

I bought a tin of Fujain baroque for the first time and I found the tea it brewed to be sudsy with a soapy tast. Pouring some hot water over the leaves and then pouring it off again before brewing helped. The flavor of the tea very enjoyable but this soapyness is strange.

Has any one else had a similar experience? Is that just a trait of the tea or did I get a botched batch?

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Re: Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby Margules » Nov 14th, '09, 01:31

I don't think that tea is ever supposed to be soapy. I'm not quite sure where soap could have gotten into it though. If it were me, I'd make another pot just to make sure that the problem is with the leaves and not with your teaware, and if it still turns out soapy, contact adagio for a replacement.

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Re: Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby Chip » Nov 14th, '09, 01:43

When Adagio came out with a whole bunch of new teas last year, Fujian Baroque was my fave of the group.

It should be just China black leaves with nothing added.

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Re: Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby skywarrior » Nov 14th, '09, 03:11

Very odd. You didn't wash your teapot recently and have residue? :?:

The soapiness seems very odd. I would try brewing it again with different utensils. If the soapiness continues, I would contact Adagio for a replacement.

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Re: Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby Janine » Nov 14th, '09, 09:01

Sometimes what looks like "soapy" is actually a lot of flavor and aroma. Often this will happen with Yunnan blacks, sometimes with a really beautiful glossy keemun and it has to do with oils in the tea. I personally prize that indicator of flavor.

I always rinse every loose tea before brewing, no matter what.

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Re: Soapy Fujian Baroque

Postby Ebtoulson » Nov 17th, '09, 12:47

I've had a couple of teas that tasted "soapy" before but never had any suds.

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