3 new boxes of black tea!

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3 new boxes of black tea!

Postby Meowmeow » Dec 3rd, '09, 17:27

Well, my grandma brought over 3 new boxes of black tea. I asked for some, but unfortunately, my mom won't let me have any. She said it was for weight watchers and it had things in it that are too harsh for my system... So, i have 2 questions. 1, Is it really black? 2, PLEASE describe the taste to me, if you can? It kinda upsets me when we get a new flavor of tea that i cant taste, sampling different kinds of tea is so much fun!
That's pretty much it, and Thanks for reading!

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Re: 3 new boxes of black tea!

Postby tropicanahana » Dec 4th, '09, 20:57

They probably bought weight loss, detox, or diet teas. They are not really black teas, they are mostly only herbal teas. The most common herb of these is senna and you don't want to drink this it's a laxitive! My mom and aunt are into these kinds of teas apart of their dieting and exercise. Senna tea (commonly known as ballerina tea or slimming tea) tastes like twigs and dry leaves, detox herb teas can taste anything like a dusty floor to mushrooms. You're not missing anything...

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