Black Teas, with or without milk?

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Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby Elwood » Dec 9th, '09, 04:44

Do you find Black Tea with milk added tastes too weak, or does it perfectly compliment the taste? I myself am unsure, but I do know for any flavoured teas eg, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Earl Grey and Vanilla, etc it's best not to add milk as it over powers the flavours.

I just can't quite decide if I want milk in my black tea or not! :oops:

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby Victoria » Dec 9th, '09, 07:06

Skip the milk. :) It waters down and alters the taste. If you don't like the taste of the tea you are drinking without milk, then find another. If you do like the taste, why change it?

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby bsteele » Dec 9th, '09, 08:48

No milk for me-- except for spiced black tea.

If the milk is watering down the tea, I'm sure you could just brew it stronger ;) But I'd agree, definitely changes the taste.

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby silverneedles » Dec 9th, '09, 13:52

english teas (PG tips, yorkshire golds etc) i add milk it takes away the harsh astringent/tannin and its just flavor... tho i dont like that it gives an aftertaste

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby shardy53 » Dec 9th, '09, 16:24

No milk here, just strong black tea.

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby Regan » Dec 9th, '09, 16:25

For me it depends on the tea. I only add milk to strong black teas (like Irish Breakfast) that can stand up to it. If I'm drinking a more delicate tea, I'll skip the milk. I like the taste of tea all on its own, but sometimes I want something a little different. Drinking it the same way all the time gets boring!

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby teaisme » Dec 11th, '09, 13:52

Like some posts before me, milk with a spiced chai black tea kinda just goes together very well
But with no spices deff no milk for me no matter how strong the tea
I rarely drink chai though, but enjoy it very much when I do, just not a huge fan of milk at all

As a related side question to this one...
How have you people fared with adding milk substitutes to your teas? Things like soy 'milk', or vanilla soy 'milk', rice 'milk' , almond 'milk' etc

I imagine rice milk and almond milk, or something flavoured with vanilla would go rather well with specific teas? I have never tried because I like my tea plain, but have friends who insist on always adding something to their tea

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby brad4419 » Dec 12th, '09, 11:16

No milk in my tea.

I used to put milk in chai teas but then realized I liked it better without it.
Try it, if you like it then use it.

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby tealeaf » Dec 12th, '09, 11:31

I'd put in a vote for "it depends on the tea", I don't think you can lump all black teas together as "milk" or "no milk".

When drinking Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong, I'll never add milk. When drinking my old favourite Assam, I'll almost always add milk because I find that it supports the robust flavour and softens the tannin flavour.

Ultimately, though, it's all down to what you enjoy. Just don't decide to avoid milk in tea because you're not "supposed to".

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby ff1959 » Dec 12th, '09, 20:06

No milk. Nor sugar. Properly brewed tea should taste like tea. Scalding blasts of dense black tea with milk and sugar tastes bitter, not flavorful. No milk in coffee, either.

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Re: Black Teas, with or without milk?

Postby Proinsias » Dec 12th, '09, 20:36

Generally no milk.

If I'm at someone's house and having teabag tea made for me I often opt for milk, I can pretend it's not really tea and just a hot milky drink which stops some of my inner dialogue moaning as much as it would otherwise.

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