Black Tea Vendor Guide?

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Black Tea Vendor Guide?

Postby bsteele » Jan 14th, '10, 17:43

Would it be possible to get a black tea vendor guide going? It would be nice to have a sticky with vendors and reviews instead of having to search and search and search.

Also, if one does exist (like buried 15 pages back or something) lemme know, yo!

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Re: Black Tea Vendor Guide?

Postby Dresden » Jan 14th, '10, 17:54

Fantastic Idea!!!


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Re: Black Tea Vendor Guide?

Postby Chip » Jan 14th, '10, 18:03

Funny you should ask ... viewforum.php?f=60

This will contain a comprehesive, member driven, vendor guide for all types of tea including black teas.

Still being formulated ... stay tuned, but you can begin keeping a list which will be asked for soon.

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Re: Black Tea Vendor Guide?

Postby geeber1 » Jan 14th, '10, 18:16

Good question, b!
Chip, looking forward to seeing the guide!

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Re: Black Tea Vendor Guide?

Postby DJ3riple » Jan 14th, '10, 20:01

I too am looking forward :)

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