Can someone please help identify this TEA?

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Can someone please help identify this TEA?

Postby llm1977 » Jun 15th, '11, 15:26


I purchased some tea recently from either Walmart or another small grocery store. I think it was the best tea I have ever had but can't for the life of me remember what brand it is. I was hoping someone here could help identify the brand.


It is a decaffeinated tea. I have one of the tea bags tags and on it it says on one side, "Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black TEA" in green letters with a white background. On the other side it says " Decaffeinated Tea" and has a picture of a tea/coffee cup with a backwards looking "S" representing steam coming out of the cup also in green with white background.



Does anyone have any idea what brand this is? It would sure be helpful if someone knows what this is. I LOVE this Tea! Thank you...

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Re: Can someone please help identify this TEA?

Postby teaisme » Jun 15th, '11, 17:58

hey my guess is salada

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