Nepal FF 2012

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Nepal FF 2012

Postby » Feb 21st, '12, 02:55

What u think about this tea? Can anyone recommend a particular other tea?

I have
1. Himalayan Somabar SFTGFOP1
2. Tara Black
3. Makalu Flowery SFTGFOP

1. Black tea produced by Jun Chiyabari Plantation, in eastern Nepal. It comes from the first flush, which gives it a fresh and mild. This is a tea with a bright, greenish leaf, which gives the amber brew with a slightly muscatel aftertaste. Can successfully compete with the spring Darjeeling.


2. Nepalese Black tea from the first year's flush, coming from the nave of Arya Tara plantation.
Leaf with a characteristic greenish hue to the FF, however, gives strong, dark amber brew. It has a fresh fruity flavor, slightly cracked pepper note.


3. The delicate tea produced by Kuwapani Tea Estate, in eastern Nepal. It comes from the first spring flush, which fully reflected the delicacy of this tea.
Extremely aromatic, giving an amber brew with a strong floral note.


ADD. Thats off course not 2012 FF. The first flush in Nepal begins in late February and early March.

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