Ugandan Tea

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Ugandan Tea

Postby AlexZorach » Jul 13th, '12, 16:30

Has anyone ever gotten their hands on or sampled any single-origin black tea produced in Uganda? The country does produce a substantial amount of tea, but from what I know, most or all of it goes through Kenya and is blended in with Kenyan teas and sold as a bulk commodity on the open market.

As I've been increasingly impressed with some of the black teas being produced in Kenya, I'm curious if anything interesting is happening in neighboring Uganda, even if it is off the radar of most Western tea companies.

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Re: Ugandan Tea

Postby verus » Aug 13th, '12, 20:26

I buy some tea bags from a local shop that has tea from Tanzania in them. It's really good, very spicy, slightly tart, great breakfast tea.

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