Questions on Jinjunmei Tongmuguan Red Tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Re: Questions on Jinjunmei Tongmuguan Red Tea

Postby chrl42 » Aug 5th, '14, 02:26

Se7en8ight wrote:
chrl42 wrote:1. JJM should be prepared in lower temp to other black teas.

2. That's funny. Real JJM comes from Tong Mu village (the village where used to produce Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong)..the quantity available is not many and they only select early spring leaves..that's why they are expensive.

According to Baike, they select leaves from 1,200~1,600 altitude of China national the way they classify in Taiwan...

You are right that they extend the value of name to many available products aside the origin. Feeling from the skin, I don't think you could get a real JJM for less than 100usd/100g (wholesale value)..

Well the gifter "claimed" that it cost him 500 USD for this small tin... or so he claims :mrgreen:

Is JJM also smoked? -- being that it is a lapsang souchong.


No..instead it has 'shaking' procedure called Yao Qing. They shake in a machine during 10 hrs.

Furthermore, lap sang sou chong and zheng shan xiao zhong is not the same. You will find many unsmoked Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong in China. :)
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Re: Questions on Jinjunmei Tongmuguan Red Tea

Postby Se7en8ight » Aug 5th, '14, 05:07

Thanks for the clarification :)

At least now I know Jin Jun Mei should not have a smoky flavor :)

So what I must have is Yin Jun Mei... it's still quite good nonetheless sweet, thick, velvety, smoky, and fruity :) yum yum!
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Re: Questions on Jinjunmei Tongmuguan Red Tea

Postby MEversbergII » Aug 12th, '14, 12:19

About a year back, I got a few small packets of JJM from a member here in a trade. I doubt they are strictly Tong Mu village product, but they were great none the less. I've still got one in the stash, probably should make that sometime.

I've never seen Yin Jun Mei; will have to research that further. If it is like a lightly smoked JJM, however, I'm sure I'll love it as I am a fan of Smoked Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong / Lapsang Suchong (and the unsmoked variety as well, though I've only had it from TeaHong).

I've been considering this one here: Yunnan Sourcing's Imperial Grade Jin Jun Mei. It claims to be from Tong Mu, and I don't have any reason to doubt Yunnan Sourcing (he has demonstrated he "knows his stuff" in the Pu'er world), but Yunnan is not Fujian. The price is also not high, though that's their Chinese store and shipping may be a bit up there.

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Re: Questions on Jinjunmei Tongmuguan Red Tea

Postby ploutos7 » Sep 11th, '14, 23:30

I just ordered that JJM last week. I'll tell you what I think when I get it.
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