Lapsang Souchong Eastern Style

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Re: Lapsang Souchong Eastern Style

Postby JeffMI » Jan 25th, '14, 17:39

I literally just brewed some Lapsang Souchong right before finding this thread. :)

I have been using the method of 1/4 the size of the brewing vessel and steeping for 30 secs for the first infusion and increasing the steep time by around 10 secs for each subsequent infusion. I use water that is just under boiling (the bubbles have just stopped).

I have a Sama Doyo brewing vessel ( and the infusion basket is about 170 ml in size. Since the bottom is a convex shape, it is difficult to estimate what exactly 1/4 the volume would be but I do my best.

Does anyone have a tea to water ratio that I might be able to use to measure out an exact amount for brewing this type of Black tea Gongfu style?

Also, I am never quite sure if my subsequent infusion times are good or if they could be altered a bit. Still trying to figure that part out.
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Re: Lapsang Souchong Eastern Style

Postby Ursinos » Jan 26th, '14, 18:27

So, I did something a bit different with the ginger thing this time :D Instead of slices of it in the pot, I made up a bottle of ginger syrup. (1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 3/4 cup sliced ginger, simmered for 15min). I've been using that to add a bit of sweet to the Lapsang.

Gotta say.... it works real nice :D
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