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Postby Princess Tea » Apr 6th, '07, 22:24

Hi there,

I'm new to Adagio Teas and to this board. Just thought I'd introduce myself and ask a simple question.

I'm a black tea fan. I prefer it strong and plain..nothing added. With one exception...a hint of orange. My favorite tea of all time is Fortnum & Mason's 'Fortmason' tea, but it's very pricey.

Does Adagio have a blend that might be similar? I just picked up the Adagio black tea sampler with the Yunnan Jig and really enjoyed that. I can't say the Irish Breakfast tickled my fancy or anything else for that matter. The Earl Gray is very good and the English Breakfast is nice.

I hope to join in some good discussions and find some other fine teas at Adagio.

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Postby Mary R » Apr 7th, '07, 10:31

Adagio does have an orange flavored tea. I've not tried it myself, but the reviews make it look promising. They all seem to agree that the orange flavor is not overpowering...but if it is still a bit strong for you, you can always mix some of the orange tea with the Yunnan Jig.

Come to think of it, orange and yunnan would probably be very yummy indeed...
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