Your favorite iced tea recipe (any kind)

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Your favorite iced tea recipe (any kind)

Postby Cher » Apr 15th, '07, 11:43

I tried posting in the "other" category under tea but couldn't, so I've put this here. I'd like to know which Adagio teas people enjoy drinking iced.

A few days ago, my mother (who lives with us) told me she had used some of my teas to make iced tea. She said she'd used half english breakfast and half blueberry. I cringed because I only have white blueberry. She measured out the white tea the same as the black tea and she steeped it at 212 degrees. I prepared for a weak, cooked tasting concoction and took my first sip.

I was completely surprised, because it was delicious and complex. I tasted the black tea up front, and I could taste the white blueberry on the finish. It was actually much better than the white bluebery iced alone. Has anyone here discovered other combinations that they like?
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Postby rhpot1991 » Apr 16th, '07, 02:02

I enjoy a blend of 1/2 ceylon sonata + 1/2 tazo china green tips (still messing around with alternates here). I have tried 1/2 black tea + 1/2 fruit herbal with some poor success.
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Postby xine » Apr 16th, '07, 15:52

Nothing too spectacular here- I like ceylon, but I brew it with lots of fresh ginger. I am going to try it with the flavored black ginger tea.
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Postby Chip » Apr 16th, '07, 17:01

Higher grown Ceylon is a favorite basis for any of my black iced teas...but I also like to add any high grown Darjeeeling or if you have it from Nepal. These high grown blacks all offer a nice natural fruitiness...really nice!!!

Flavors, well, fresh ginger and fresh peach, wow, very good. But I prefer to let the tea do the talking even in my iced tea.
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