Prince of Wales Equivalent?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Postby LavenderPekoe » Jul 19th, '07, 13:55

Oh, *sigh*, I really just realized what I did. I really meant my uncle lives in Morgantown, WV. Not Morgantown, PA (which I do realize is a real city). I guess I need more tea since that post really made no sense.

Anyway, VB, you live in Vero Beach, right? Most of my family is in St. Aug. (I am on my way to moving there within the next 6 months).

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Postby mccarltone » Jul 19th, '07, 22:34

I'm not sure of any good tea places here in Reading. I'd love to know of any if you have that info! There's a nice place to get coffee beans near Birdsboro but no tea.

I go through Morgantown regularly since it is an exit off the turnpike. There is also a Sonic Drive-In in Elverson now, which is not too far away!

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Postby Chip » Jul 19th, '07, 23:04

There is one place that had potential, the Tea House in West Reading. It is owned by a nice Chinese woman named Ming, but she was trying to sell it a few years ago.

I was surprised that it was like an English Tea shoppe, not an Asian tea house. All English style teas and teaware. Nothing exceptional.

Unfortunately, I am into Asian.

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Postby mccarltone » Jul 19th, '07, 23:14

They may still exist...

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Postby Arcturas » Aug 23rd, '07, 16:16

I like the Twinnings Prince of Wales quite a lot, what I did to approxomate is an equal amount of the assam, and dark oolong, black current. I have had uneven luck with some of the black current flavors. Sometimes it's a nice mellow taste, sometimes the odor is too much. I have had good luck with the Adagio current tea.

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