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Re: Twinings...

Postby Riene » Jun 24th, '08, 17:38

teabag wrote:
omegapd wrote: I love Twinnings Irish Breakfast. the only thing i am accumulating a lot of tins. Do you know if Twinnings offers Irish breakfast in a larger can or bag like 1 lb bags or tins?

I use the discarded tins to make small banks for the miscellaneous children I know. My husband punches a coin-drop slot in the top, and voila, instant piggy-bank. Or tea-tin bank, as the case may be. 8)

You can also recycle them.

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Postby Michael_C » Jun 27th, '08, 17:41

Here's an option:

Honestly, I like the loose Lady Grey (which is miles different from the bagged version), although it is quite floral and can be a bit much if not in small doses. Still, I recommend it.

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Postby michaelskar » Jul 30th, '08, 13:59

I enjoy the twining's loose leaf prince of wales on occasion...but the leaf is a bit too fine for my glass strainer (gets stuck in the slits) much better in a mesh strainer

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Postby JM » Jul 30th, '08, 18:26

I buy it and like the Earl Grey.

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100 tea bag Twinings English Breakfast

Postby dunadan » Jul 30th, '08, 18:28

I bought the following bag at Cost Plus World Market.


By the way, I rarely drink bagged tea any more, and when I do, I have enough bags to last me a long while. The Twinings bag above is nearly full, and I'm never going to get around to drinking it...if somebody would pay for shipping or trade me for something else, it's yours. :D

OK, well the picture's not embedding ( apparently won't provide direct links to pictures, only the html...), but the link works.

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Postby caligatia » Sep 17th, '08, 14:19

Twinings was my "gateway drug" to better teas. It was the first loose tea I ever bought.

It's rare that an evening goes by without a cup of decaf Twinings Irish Breakfast. (I know, breakfast tea at night is probably weird, but as long as it's decaf I'm fine.) Like someone else said: it's not the best tea, but it's a favorite.

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Postby chad » Sep 23rd, '08, 15:56

Greetings from a new tea freak!

Along with some loose white and other teas from a local coffee/tea shop, I have picked up some Twining's after reading this thread.

I like the Gunpowder Green a lot though I realize it's not "premium" green. I'm working my way through a 100g tin. It's starting to be my "go to" tea at work.

I picked up the 20 bag "sampler" of English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey and Lady Grey. I love the Irish and English Breakfast teas and will pick up a tin of loose when I finish the bags. I haven't gotten to the Earl Grey or Lady Grey but will check them out soon.

I'm looking forward to learning about and trying "better" teas, but I'm finding that Twining's and Bigelow brewed correctly aren't exactly "nasty"! :D

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Postby treazure » Oct 11th, '08, 17:58

I'm drinking Twinings Irish Breakfast tea right now with a splash of cream and about a tablespoon of golden rum per 6 ounces of tea. I always keep some bagged teas in my purse because living in the deep Southern part of the US, tea is served sweet and cold. When I want tea, I want TEA, not iced sweet tea, Coca Cola, water or what passes as coffee down here. (I also love strong coffee done to a full city roast and ground right when I want to drink it, not fifty years ago.)

Twinings made an incredible tea some years ago, called Scottish Nog. I found it at Big Lots, tried it and sent my husband back to buy every box of it that they had. I nursed that case and half of tea along until it was gone. When he had to take me to Atlanta for a doctor's appointment, we hit every Big Lots store on the route back home. I was able to get 15 more boxes of it. 'Tis a dreadful thing when one runs out of tea. 'Tis even worse when one finds a tea like that and it is discontinued.

For iced tea, I use Red Rose. For home swilling I use a good, strong Irish or Scottish black tea. For home sipping with my pinkie finger up, I like pretty much all of the black, green, white and red teas with the exception of mint, chamomile or flowers. (Flowers belong in my garden, not my tea.) My purse tea stash is Twinings Irish Breakfast, Prince of Wales and Bigelow's Constant Comment. Yeah, I can hear the screams of anguish from those who would not consider such a plebeian tipple to cross their tongues, but I drink what I like.

You'll have to pardon me, but my tea pot is dry and I hear the kettle starting to sing

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Re: Twinings

Postby omegapd » Oct 12th, '08, 03:31

treazure wrote:
For iced tea, I use Red Rose.

8) I like you already. The Rose is one of my favorites. Welcome to the forum.


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Loose Lady Earl Gray on sale

Postby treazure » Oct 12th, '08, 19:30

You know, that sounds a little suggestive - Loose Lady Earl Gray. Anyway, I found 125 gram boxes of it on the Twinings site for .99 cents a box. Not a bad deal. They also have tins of 500 grams of English Breakfast tea for 15.99. (about a pound) They have other sizes of their loose teas as well.
Not sure if the url will work but here goes.


Hark! Is that the kettle whistling? See ya'll[/url]
PS: Good to see another Georgian here. That makes two of us who drink tea in a cup (mug, glass, dog dish, whatever we can get!)

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Re: Loose Lady Earl Gray on sale

Postby Salsero » Oct 12th, '08, 19:43

treazure wrote: Good to see another Georgian here. That makes two of us who drink tea in a cup (mug, glass, dog dish, whatever we can get!)
Mason jar to be precise. If you add your location to your profile it will mark you as a proud Georgia Cracker. I am, of course, just below you geographically.

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Re: Loose Lady Earl Gray on sale

Postby omegapd » Oct 12th, '08, 21:07

Salsero wrote: Mason jar to be precise.

Salsero's right. I take a little ribbing occasionally, but hey- I like glass and it has the oz. markings on the side, so I can't mess it up. :lol:

I'm about 2 hours North of Salsero BTW- Tifton, GA.

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