Do you microwave your water?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Microwave use?

I use the microwave and cannot tell the difference
I can tell the differnce, but I still microwave the water
I do not use the microwave, and I cannot tell the difference
I do not use the microwave and I can tell the difference
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Do you microwave your water?

Postby chocolate » Apr 25th, '08, 12:40

I can not tell much difference between tea made from water boiled on a stove and water boiled in the microwave.

I usually microwave my water for tea. Do you?
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Postby olivierco » Apr 25th, '08, 12:48

I don't have any microwave oven and don't want any.
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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 25th, '08, 12:53

Unless I'm using my triniTEA, I always use my microwave. Where I *can* tell a difference is in the quality of the water I use.
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Postby LavenderPekoe » Apr 25th, '08, 13:47

To me microwaved water tastes flat.
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Postby omegapd » Apr 25th, '08, 14:12

With black teas, where I'm accustomed to a full rolling boil, I can tell the difference and yes, LP, it tastes flat to me as well. With greens and other teas, I can't see much of a difference at all.

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Postby insanitylater » Apr 25th, '08, 14:21

i don't think it really boils right and defintely does not taste as good
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Postby Trioxin » Apr 25th, '08, 15:05

I microwave. I'm someday going to move up to a nice Zojirushi, but until then...
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Postby tenuki » Apr 25th, '08, 15:10

Sometimes if that is all that is available, the trick is to put something microwave safe in the mug so that bubbles can form properly, otherwise the boiling is kinda lame as others have pointed out. try it, you'll be suprised. but for lower water temps it's better to not boil of course, just raise it to the temp you want and stop.
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Postby auggy » Apr 25th, '08, 16:08

I can tell a difference but sometimes at work I have to boil, so I do.

Though the difference could be because our microwave at work really needs cleaning out. Yuck!
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Postby Pentox » Apr 25th, '08, 21:51

I microwave when I need to, but I really try to avoid it. To the point where I bought a Zoji for my office so I could avoid the microwave.
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Postby DangerInRed » Apr 29th, '08, 19:12


But I'm getting better, really! I don't use the micro nearly as often as I used to!
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Postby Sinensis » Apr 29th, '08, 23:45

Trying not to. Using the stove takes more time, but at the same time it keeps my mind off things longer looking at the water :lol:
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Postby horsencl » May 22nd, '08, 00:43

I can definately taste the difference between boiled and microwaved water. I can't drink tea if it was made in the microwave. I have had success using hotel room coffee pots to heat up water for tea though :D
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Postby chamekke » May 22nd, '08, 00:49

Other, because I don't own a microwave.
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Postby PolyhymnianMuse » May 22nd, '08, 01:19

chamekke wrote:I don't own a microwave.

Toaster oven FTW!
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