Irish breakfast not strong enough

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Postby auggy » Jun 12th, '08, 14:51

I think leaves make a much better, richer flavor than bags. Even hubby has tried some of our teabags since drinking loose for so long and been disappointed with their flavor and depth. Though there are some bagged teas that are pretty decent. I don't think PG Tips will ever not be in our pantry.

You can make any tea stronger by adding more leaf when brewing (but keeping the same steep time). You could even try that with the bagged tea you got. Use two bags for an 8oz cup and see how it goes. And you might want to check your cup capacity. I know when I first started, I assumed that my mugs were 8 or so oz. Nope. 12. So one bag made some pretty weak brew.

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Postby omegapd » Jun 15th, '08, 10:58

Good advice from auggy. If that doesn't work out, look for a CTC Assam. Indian grocery stores usually sell them, as well as places on-line like Upton's tea.


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