Hungry after tea...

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Hungry after tea...

Postby Catsgurleygirl » Jul 17th, '08, 23:58

Do any of you guys get hungry after you drink tea? I don't understand it, but after I drink sometimes one, but almost two or three, glasses I feel like my stomach is empty and I feel quite hungry. I wonder what causes this?
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Postby teasbest » Jul 18th, '08, 00:44

I have found this to be true for me also. Any tea, white, green, oolong,
and black causes me to be hungry.

Does anyone know why this is so?
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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 18th, '08, 12:59

I read somewhere that caffeine releases insulin and plays on your bodie's sugar levels causing you to become hungry. This is why many ketogenic diets or low carb diets suggest to keep caffeine to a min if you are trying to lose weight.
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Postby Beanbean » Jul 19th, '08, 09:50

I was going to guess that it probably had something to do with caffeine but I'm not quite sure why. Just a gut pun intended! :roll:
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Postby Smells_Familiar » Jul 19th, '08, 12:28

I think that caffeine also increases stomach acid production.
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