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Postby JM » Aug 1st, '08, 19:44

Why do you like Darjeeling? It's a popular tea that I've never tried.

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Postby Proinsias » Aug 1st, '08, 21:06

Because it's nice.

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Postby JM » Aug 1st, '08, 21:42

Scotch is also nice but I don't have it for breakfast...most mornings... :lol:

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Postby Salsero » Aug 1st, '08, 23:02

There's a lot of variety in Darjeelings, like most of the large classes. When you get a good one it can be very impressive. I've had some that are light and fruity, others that are floral. They can have enduring aftertastes or be sweet. One second flush recently reminded me of hot cherries in a fresh-baked pie, another reminded me of sugar cookies.

I had a first flush earlier this year that had an asparagus aroma followed by a rich vegetable broth taste in the mouth, finishing with a lemony aftertaste and leaving a nice oily feel on the lips. it was one of the supreme experiences of my tea drinking history so far.

Like most tea, however, the majority are only serviceable.

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Postby Victoria » Aug 1st, '08, 23:19

Hard to describe, kinda like a black oolong. I used to really enjoy a nice black in the morning like assam or ceylon or yunnan, but honestly now - I reach for a darjeeling anyday over those.

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Postby shogun89 » Aug 2nd, '08, 00:14

I recommend getting this little chest. It is a nice tea for a good price. Just as good as adagio's plus the cute little box you get along with it.

http://www.teavana.com/The-Teas/Black-T ... estlet.axd

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Postby Chip » Aug 2nd, '08, 01:52

Buying, drinking Darjeeling is like buying, drinking wines. They can be crisp, dry, fruity, flowery, sweet, nutty, vegetal, smooth, ASTRINGENT. The aroma can be heavenly to intense.

They are so variable, a class of tea unto themselves.

As Sal pointed out, they are not all great. I have found that I have to target ones costing around 20 bucks or more per 100 grams.

Another plus is that Darjeeling seems to be ahead of the organic learning curve as many organics are as good as non organics.

Having said all that, and admitting that I love them, I have never craved them in the same way I have say a really good Keemun black ... very strange.

Also, unlike Chinese and japanese teas, the best of the best Darjeelings leave the country. In China, the best may be owned by the government or at least appreciated by the masses first. Japan's best are typically reserved for domestic consumption, and for years only crappola left the country.

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Postby omegapd » Aug 2nd, '08, 03:17

Salsero wrote:
Like most tea, however, the majority are only serviceable.

That must have been all I've tried then. I don't like them. Most are too subtle for my tastes.

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Re: Darjeeling?

Postby hop_goblin » Aug 2nd, '08, 09:13

JM wrote:Why do you like Darjeeling? It's a popular tea that I've never tried.

Dang buddy! I am surpised you found Teachat! :lol:

Darjeelings are soft, subtle but provide and excellent kick. They don't get heavy on the palate and IMHO can be drunk all day without any fatigue.

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Re: Darjeeling?

Postby joelbct » Aug 2nd, '08, 11:42

hop_goblin wrote:...drunk all day without any fatigue.

Hmmm... sounds like My Senior Year! Except replace 'drunk' with something else that, incidentally, also grows in Oregon ;)

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