Any teas that would be a good substitute for coffee drinker

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Any teas that would be a good substitute for coffee drinker

Postby jennytea » Jun 16th, '09, 04:36

Not expecting it to taste like coffee, but any with a good nutty flavor and/or something robust with flavor. Are Keemun teas any good?
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Postby xuancheng » Jun 16th, '09, 05:49

You could try this one. It is highly roasted Tie Guan Yin. An oolong, not a black tea. The name Iron Bodhisattva is a translation. Sometimes also translated as Iron Avalokitesvara or Iron Goddess of Mercy. All the same thing. ... of-cib.htm
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Postby jennytea » Jun 16th, '09, 05:55

Oooh that sounds good! Thank-you :wink:
I took a look around that site and Iron Boddhisattva classic roast sounds good as well. Unfortunately they don't ship to my country. I'll look for Tie Guan Yin elsewhere thanks for telling me the name otherwise I'd never find it :)
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Ti Guan Yin - Semi fermented

Postby Xuan Zhong » Jun 16th, '09, 09:11

Hi JennyTea,

In fact, Ti Guan Yin is a semi-fermented type of tea and although it's especially known for its digestive properties, it's not exactly a black tea and contains slightly less cafein than black tea. I've been to Qi Men, the village where Keemun black tea is coming from and I must say that although black tea is not my favourite type of tea, I really liked Keemun tea!

Should you be looking for an alternative to black tea, Da Hong Pao - a semi-fermented type of tea is also well appreciated by coffee drinkers as it has this slighttly "smoked" type of flavour.

In any case, good luck in looking for a good alternative to coffee!
Xuan Zhong
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Re: Any teas that would be a good substitute for coffee drin

Postby hooksie » Jun 16th, '09, 09:55

jennytea wrote:Are Keemun teas any good?

Yes :D :D
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Re: Any teas that would be a good substitute for coffee drin

Postby murrius » Jun 16th, '09, 14:30

hooksie wrote:
jennytea wrote:Are Keemun teas any good?

Yes :D :D

I'll add my "yes" to the question about Keemun as well. Keemun is a great after supper tea and may satisfy the coffee craving in the morning as well.
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Postby spot52 » Jun 16th, '09, 15:01

Here is one called coffee convert from Light of Day Organics
I enjoy her blends a lot.
Keemun is a good one too, as others have stated.
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Postby silvermage2000 » Jun 16th, '09, 15:26

Yerba mate or asssam black may be a couple of choices for you.
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Postby entropyembrace » Jun 16th, '09, 17:20

I see in another thread you were asking about Lapsang Souchong, you might enjoy that :) Also Keemun and Yunnan Black tea are great...

In other categories of tea...don't pass up on oolongs just because they're not fully oxidized the more heavily roasted ones have complex, bold flavours you'd probaby enjoy :)

Also it would be worth looking into pu-erh tea but be careful with which you pick there, many vendors that don't specialize in it tend to carry really awful examples of pu-erh...if you check the pu-erh subforum here on tea chat there's lots of suggestions on what to try already. :)
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Postby Rainy-Day » Jun 16th, '09, 18:17

It depends on what exactly you don't like about teas vs. coffee. If you don't like astringency that is common to ceylon and cheaper indian teas, you should try dark oolongs like TGY and a good puerh. If you like coffee with cream than you might want to try making your own chai using a strong Assam tea with fresh spices, half and half and sugar. If you like really dark, thick, bitter coffee, find a good puerh. A keemun can be very tasty, but it does have some astringency and might have sour notes if it's not a really great keemun and it's not brewed perfectly.
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Postby Ron Gilmour » Jun 16th, '09, 21:48

I'd recommend Adagio's Yunnan Noir. Other good choices would be Assam & Irish Breakfast blends.
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Ron Gilmour
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Postby beecrofter » Jun 17th, '09, 01:14

I think most any of the Menghai tea factory shu selections would do well, consider a recipe called V93
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Postby Salsero » Jun 17th, '09, 01:24

I second the notion that a coffee drinker would enjoy shu puerh.
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Postby jennytea » Jun 20th, '09, 17:59

I finally got a chance to go to a shop around here that sells some semi decent teas. I bought Formosa Oolong, Lapsang, something called Garden of Eden which looks like a black tea with flowers, and caramel tea (black tea with caramel pieces). I really wanted to find a keemum or tie guan yin but they didn't have that. I've only tried the formosa thus far, it is kinda woodsy, it's a good looking loose leaf, I noticed it has some stems in it. But it is still far better than what you find in the grocery store. I'm looking forward to trying those you all suggested in the future, thanks a bunch!!
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Postby entropyembrace » Jun 20th, '09, 18:57

stems aren't a bad thing, I really enjoy a few teas with a lot of stems in them :)
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