I really like Earl Grey any other recomendations

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I really like Earl Grey any other recomendations

Postby djcool563 » Mar 22nd, '06, 23:02

Hello i really like earl grey tea (most of my family thinks im crazy for it) but i wanted to get some other recomendations on teas that i would like if i like earl grey. Also links to other sites with good earl greys would be great. I have tried adagio's earl grey bravo anything else i should try? thanks

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Postby PeteVu » Mar 23rd, '06, 09:29

I would start by definately trying out a gunpowder. Adagio changed up their earl grey formula a couple months ago... Lets just say i liked the old stuff MUCH better.

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Postby yresim » Mar 23rd, '06, 17:18

I also love earl grey, and I really enjoy assam black tea, yunnan gold black tea, oolongs, jasmine tea (Adagio's Jasmine #12), Orange Spice herbal, and mild white teas.

That said, earl grey is usually made of ceylon, darjeeling, and bergamot. So probably you should try a ceylon, a darjeeling, and a citrus tea (citrus herbal or citrus flavored). This might give you a better idea of what you like about earl grey, and help you choose more teas to try.


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