Sweet Black Teas

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Sweet Black Teas

Postby Jark » Sep 13th, '07, 20:42

I'm new to teas and have bought irish breakfast. I love it and finally learned to make it right. I like it with some sugar for a great sweet taste.

Are there any teas that are sweet without anything added? I am think of trying the vanilla rooibos, but I kinda want to stick with the black teas.

any help will be great.

Thank you
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Re: Sweet Black Teas

Postby Mocha Wheels » Sep 13th, '07, 21:20

i doubt you're talking about dessert teas but i have a tea called black whiskey cream that's absolutely sinful- but then again if you have a sweet tooth like mine, that may just become your daily tea :lol:
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Postby Mary R » Sep 13th, '07, 22:08

Yeah, lots of teas are sweet all on their own. Of the blacks, I think Keemuns are some of the sweetest...but lately I've been brewing my Yunnan Gold more like an oolong, and it's been pretty sweet too.
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Postby Space Samurai » Sep 13th, '07, 23:29

hmmm, I should try that.
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Postby xine » Sep 14th, '07, 11:23

I find Golden Monkey quite sweet. It's been my work-out fuel for the past week.
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Postby Wesli » Sep 14th, '07, 11:43

Forget black teas, if brewed right, green teas can be ultimately sweeter. Gyokuro and Fukamushi would definitely fall under the "dessert green" category.
Do try the Rooibos Vanilla as well. I have it and I like it very much, sometimes I can suppress my sweet tooth with it. The vanilla has convinced me to try a few other rooibos teas as well.
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Postby skywarrior » Sep 14th, '07, 12:12

xine wrote:I find Golden Monkey quite sweet. It's been my work-out fuel for the past week.

I'd have to agree. Golden Monkey is sweet. Another one is to look for an orange spiced tea. Those are very sweet (usually too sweet for me :roll: )
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Postby Jark » Sep 14th, '07, 18:52

Thank you for all the replies. I'll have to order a few samples now
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Postby Daughteroftheki... » Sep 14th, '07, 23:06

A 2nd flush (summer harvest) Darjeeling is a smooth black tea. While I appreciate the caffeine found in the first infusion, the 2nd and 3rd infusion of the same leaves have a subtle sweetness.
Adagio's Darjeeling #22 is a 2nd flush and is my favorite black tea.
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