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Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Postby snotbottom » Nov 28th, '05, 13:16

Just curious Lana...

Where did you find this bozo? (so the rest of us can stay away :) )


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Postby Guest » Feb 7th, '06, 13:47

Mike B wrote:
floridahawk wrote:To each their own

Except, I wish everyone else's "own" was more like "mine."

Some day -- mark my words -- I will be dictator for life. And I will not suffer fools gladly. So watch out, fools.

I always knew the secret agenda behind tea was to take over the world!


Postby teafrenzy » Feb 7th, '06, 14:11

woops! forgot to sign in w. that last post- i promise i'm not the "guest" that's been picking on lana.
but i do have some questions about thai iced tea. (i posted this on the chai board too).
1) how do you make it?
2) is all thai iced tea orange/peach, because i've always been served a tall glass of creamy peach deliciousness when i've had it?
3) not wanting to have everything stained orange/peach if i can avoid it, does anyone know where i can find a good non-staining
thai tea? (preferably in that orange/peach color (that won't leave stains)... not because i'm trying to give myself dye-cancer, but because it's so darn pretty)

**"guest" please do not respond.

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Postby dejj » Apr 24th, '06, 20:07

I just bought something from my local ethnic grocer called, "The Original Thai Tea." It comes in a box of twenty tea bags. The ingredients, as listed on this particular product, are: thai tea, star anise seed, and cassia tora. There is no mention of food coloring and/or other "dyes" that could possibly stain your counter-top. The box offers directions for making a Thai iced tea: "use 4 to 6 tea bags for each quart of boiling water. Brew for 5 minutes in a teapot or covered saucepan. Add milk or sugar as desired and stir it well, then pour over ice. Top with cream before serving." Hmm. Sounds easy enough....

Hope this helps!

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Postby kodama » Apr 24th, '06, 23:16

"local ethnic grocer..."

I love SF.

I just came home from a chinese/south-asian supermarket woth a 60ft tea aisle. Sure about 1/3 is chinese herbs, and another 1/3 of doubtful labeling, but there are options!

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Postby Chip » Apr 30th, '06, 23:31 is still an unnecessary additive that I am glad to know about. I attempt to not drink teas with additives, flavors , sweeteners, etc.! So I consider that to be a valuable piece of information.

What this has to do with chicken, I don't quite get...perhaps I just have not consumed enough orange food coloring today.

In the US, there are labeling laws that require listing of ingredients...although sometimes you have to request it.

FYI, Upton Tea Imports has a Thai Oolong that I highly doubt if it has food coloring as an ingredient. I will attept to check it out.

Lana, thanx for letting us know about the food coloring, I thought that was an important disclosure that I would not have known otherwise!!!

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