Mint Tea

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Mint Tea

Postby klemptor » Sep 13th, '05, 11:50

Have you thought of offering a black tea flavored with mint leaves? I have a feeling it would be popular.

Also, a question regarding the flavored black teas you sell: what tea do you use for your "base" black when creating your flavors?
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Postby LavenderPekoe » Sep 15th, '05, 13:10

I am interested as well in what kind of tea is used for the flavors.
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Postby jzero » Sep 15th, '05, 13:25

Well, from the descriptions, we at least know that it is Ceylon tea, and it's presumably one of the two Ceylons that Adagio sells....
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Postby chris » Sep 15th, '05, 13:26

We use a Ceylon tea, very similar to the Ceylon Sonata.
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