Honeybush tea

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Honeybush tea

Postby needlesmoran » Nov 4th, '05, 07:46

You have a fine selection of Rooibos teas, of which I have several. But I was shocked to find that you don't seem to carry the "other" South African tea, honey bush. This is a wonderful tea that many European tea shops carry in quite a few blends, almost as many as the Rooibos.

Hope you will consider it. I would love to make your site my one stop for tea shopping


Postby keelyn » Mar 28th, '06, 13:23

I've heard of this. I'd try it if adagio carried it!

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Postby Quash » May 27th, '06, 00:08

I agree. Honeybush would be a great addition. While it's not as popular as Rooibos, I think many people would prefer it, once they tried it.

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Postby Darth Jeeling » May 27th, '06, 23:26

Honeybush is an interesting tea. I wouldn't buy it myself, but I encourage Adagio to try some out if they haven't already.

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