what is the similar blend at Adagio?

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

what is the similar blend at Adagio?

Postby foodfan » Nov 11th, '05, 17:42

Hi. I'm new to these boards and the site. I really like what I see. I came upon this site because I've been searching for a particular type of tea that my friend at work shared with me.
Her relative just came back from a trip to Paris, France and brought her some loose tea from Hediard and the tea blend is called Exotique Tropical. The tea was amazing! It had some black tea with dried fruits and herbs. My searches on the net have not yielded any results which leads me to believe that this blend is either too new or just not available here in the States. So my question....is there a tea blend here at Adagio that would be comparable to Hediard's? If there is I would buy tons of it.

Thank you for your help.
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Postby Marlene » Nov 11th, '05, 18:03

Hi there foodfan, and welcome! Glad you like the site. We would love to help you find you dream tea, but I need a little more information to help.
Do you know what kind of fruits and spices were used? Can you give a general discription of the flavor? What company produced this tea (that will help those of us who keep track of that sort of thing).
Good luck and happy hunting,
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Postby foodfan » Nov 14th, '05, 11:49

Thank you everyone for your replies. :) Lady Arden, the tea's description you found on google sounds like it's the one!
The blend produces a red liquid and it does contains citrus and I believe pieces of dried cranberry. And it also does contain a bit of coconut. I still have a bit of used tea in a glass and it still smells so much of coconut. As I look at it, it does appear to have rose petals in it as well.
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