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Postby CJluvsT » Mar 1st, '09, 09:56

I'd like to see more floral teas. Lavendar, rose, and violet, especially. I hate going elsewhere to buy my tea! PLEASE, don't make me do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

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Postby silvermage2000 » Mar 1st, '09, 20:51

I am sure that these florals if they were not overpowering and had other things they may be good.

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Postby ASUnurse26 » Mar 5th, '09, 23:39

I have not tried violet but I've heard it's great. I would also love to see that and rose, and ANY other floral. I love anything with flowers in it. I just ordered some hibiscus today :)

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Postby acdidion » Mar 6th, '09, 17:52

I love lavender tea! Rose is another favorite. I especially love them for blending, they would make adagio's blend feature even more fun!

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Postby jazz88 » Mar 9th, '09, 15:36

I would also like that. Of course I don't know if adding these would make sense from the financial/business point of view and I'm sure people from Adagio have probably considered it. But my wish list would include:
• Chrysanthemum
• rose
• Hibiscus
• Osmanthus

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