Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.


Postby ASUnurse26 » Mar 22nd, '09, 11:16

In addition to my cravings for lavender and or rose tea, it would be cool to see echinacea at Adagio. My best friend's mother drinks it daily, and I know the quality of tea in those bags are not that great. I am introducing her to loose leaf teas and in order to get her addicted to Adagio like the rest of us, it would help to have echinacea. It's great for fighting/preventing colds and it would blend very nicely with other teas. Just a thought. Thanks!

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Postby graced266 » May 7th, '09, 22:07

I agree, echinacea would be a great addition for adagio to offer! Especially with the rising popular demand of echinacea and antioxidant boosts in everything, it would be a good selling point for adagio!

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Postby fmoreira272 » May 16th, '09, 12:49

I agree with the need for echinacea too. i use the bagged kind found in health stores but would be great if adagio started offering in loose form. I have been looking for a good source to buy online but still havent found.


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Re: Echinacea

Postby JPX » Jul 25th, '09, 23:37

while waiting for it (im pretty sure they will most likely consider it), i think im going to go buy some in chinatown. :)

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Re: Echinacea

Postby bsteele » Aug 25th, '09, 22:06

Woah, great suggestion. I'd totally buy some!

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Re: Echinacea

Postby woozl » Aug 25th, '09, 22:08

Grow your own :mrgreen:

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