Tea & the Seasons

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Tea & the Seasons

Postby spittingoutteeth » Jan 6th, '10, 15:13

Living in Vermont, a state with four very distinct seasons, I find my interests, moods and tastes change greatly depending on the time of the year. Lately, I've especially noticed how my tea drinking has shifted as the cold winter months close in. I've been brewing a lot of heartier, full-bodied teas and not really touching the lighter greens.

At least for this year, here is how my tea trends have gone:

Spring/Early Summer: Japanese greens; lots of high-mountain senchas and gyokuros
Late Summer/Early Fall: very young oolongs; lots of fruity, unroasted TGYs and Dong Ding
Late Fall/Early Winter: Raw puehr and some lightly roasted oolongs
Late Winter: Lots of aged puehr and heavily roasted aged oolong.

Does anyone else find their tea tastes changing with the seasons?

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Re: Tea & the Seasons

Postby IPT » Jan 6th, '10, 22:47

Yes, my tea tastes change with the seasons as well. We only have two seasons here; hot and cold.

Summer: In the summer I like the lighter teas such as Green, White, and Yellow Teas. I also like Shengpu, and Lishan Gaoshan Tea.

Winter: In the Winter I like heaver and richer teas such as Yancha, Yixing Hongcha, Shoupu and Lishan Gaoshan.

I like Lishan Gaoshan all year. It's really the only tea I have a taste for no matter what season it is.

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Re: Tea & the Seasons

Postby bsteele » Jan 6th, '10, 23:13


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Re: Tea & the Seasons

Postby TIM » Jan 7th, '10, 00:16

But I usually do it in a day, rather than a year.

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Re: Tea & the Seasons

Postby brad4419 » Jan 7th, '10, 19:49

More black tea in the winter and greens in the spring/summer and Oolong all the time.

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