Tea Festival in LA

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Tea Festival in LA

Postby putibungsu » Apr 25th, '10, 21:15


Next Saturday and Sunday at the Royal T in Culver City. I signed up for a workshop on Pu-erh. Hope to meet other TCers there :)

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby andy825 » Apr 27th, '10, 01:23

I'll be there for a bit on sunday. Mostly hoping to check out some of the vendors.

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby IPT » Apr 27th, '10, 02:15

Please share some photos. Sounds awesome!

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby bearsbearsbears » Apr 27th, '10, 15:44

My partner and I will be hosting a few of the LA Tea Affair people at our house that Sunday and have room for one or two more, but we'll be drinking only young sheng pu'er.

If you're interested in drinking lots of bitter new pu'er, PM me. :lol:

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby wyardley » Apr 27th, '10, 22:53

Sad I'm going to miss that, but anyone local would be wise to take up bears3x on his offer.

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby Victoria » Apr 27th, '10, 23:35

Sorry I'm out too. Wish I could. We had a great time last time!

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby debunix » Apr 28th, '10, 00:35

Interested in drinking lots of young pu, but my goal is always to find a way to enjoy while tamping down on the whole bitter angle

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby Dresden » Apr 28th, '10, 17:45

Sigh.... Why can't LA ever mean Louisiana... :?

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Re: Tea Festival in LA

Postby rabbit » Apr 29th, '10, 08:15

Dresden wrote:Sigh.... Why can't LA ever mean Louisiana... :?

or Massachusetts?! :(

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