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Completely off the Topic of Tea

Postby teamuse » Apr 4th, '06, 13:25

25 here
been drinking tea since forever, but really got back into it during college. it's way cheaper than soda and coffee...and tastes better to boot! and when you are eating out, using packaged meals, or your school has a cafeteria like mine did (high cal/high fat) have to save your calories somewhere...

plus i got to be all cool carrying my gigantomug to classes as a TA :D
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Postby Joe » Apr 4th, '06, 17:54

Older than I thought I guess....21 here. Drinking tea for almost 2 years now.
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Postby LeilaLuv » Apr 5th, '06, 02:40

I'm 20, just turned 20 In Feb =o) been zippin the tea since I can remeber, but more than ever since I was 18 =o)
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Postby PlantFan » Apr 5th, '06, 14:17

I'm 27. I'm actually new to "good" tea. I was raised on the lipton bags. Then I was really into coffee, especially in college. that and smooties. AHH, how i miss our ever smiling smoothie lady! but i digress. tea, yes. so then i wanted to try different honeys and tea was an appropriate conduit. which led me to trying different herbals which led to trying loose leaf and here i am. (i haven't ordered anything from adiago yet though.) i'm working on this wonderful oolong i ordered from china.
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Postby Tadiera » Apr 6th, '06, 12:44

I'll be 20 next month.

I was introduced to tea (properly -- I've always liked tea in general) when I was 17, by my supervisor at the time. He would make a pot of tea (generally white -- which is my love) daily for the small office I worked in.
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Postby Phyll » Apr 6th, '06, 13:34

29 here. Been drinking gongfu cha since 15. My martial arts master taught me and exposed me to all kinds of Chinese tea.

I'm also a wine enthusiast and collector...mostly French, German, and American wines.
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Postby klemptor » Apr 8th, '06, 13:52

I keep forgetting to answer this thread. I'm 24. I've been into tea my whole life - got it from my mother.
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Postby cookster » Apr 8th, '06, 17:27

I'm 17

Drank tea every so often when I was younger(er)

Drink it rather often now

Thats about it!
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Postby jzero » Apr 10th, '06, 14:32

I'm surprised there are so many younger people! Pretty impressive.

I'm 26. I started drinking probably around 8 or 9? I used to brew up the crummy "Good Taste Tea" that came from the local Chinese takeout place whenever my family would get Chinese food. During Middle School, band and choir rehearsed BEFORE school so I had to get up at 5AM. I needed a "pick-me-up," but my mom felt that I was too young for coffee, so let me have a cup of tea with breakfast instead.

After finishing all of the Lipton tea, I started picking out more varied bagged teas from the grocery store.

Then at some point a local pharmacy/gift shop was liquidating the gift shop portion of their business so I bought a LOT of RoT teas for $2-3/can. That marked my foray into loose tea.

I always had tea on hand during my college years, but I didn't drink it very often for lack of decent brewing equipment and the time and inclination to drink much tea.

At work, my team would get a cup of coffee every so often. One day someone said "I think I'm going to have a cup of tea for a change." We all thought tea sounded good, so we had a cup that day and since then we rarely drink coffee anymore.

Adagio has since become the official tea supplier for my team.
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Postby deadalchemist » Apr 10th, '06, 21:37

I'm 17; I've been drinking since I was little, usually only when I was sick. I don't have a clue as to when I started drinking it regularly. It's been awhile though, since I cant seem to remember when I last drank tea solely for illness.
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Postby H.M. Murdock » May 3rd, '06, 01:24

I'm 18 as of Thursday last week (April 27th). I've been drinking tea since I was 16 when, during a photography assignment, I subbed earl grey for cognac in a snifter in a jazz-themed photo shoot. I figured, since I brewed the "expensive" tea (it was really just a $5 tin of Twinings, it would be dumb to waste it. So I drank it.
Been drinking it ever since.
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Postby Snow on Cedar » May 4th, '06, 00:54

Snow on Cedar
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Postby keybrd101 » Jun 3rd, '06, 02:38

I'm 14
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Postby Carnelian » Jun 3rd, '06, 11:14

keybrd101 wrote:I'm 14

Ha! I, being 16 now, am no longer the youngest on the chat. Anyways welcome aboard keybrd101
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Postby sippy cup » Jun 4th, '06, 00:27

21. been drinking whole leaf tea for about a year; was a coffee snob before that and...grew out of it. found adagio by searching google for some of the teas my local boba tea stand sells to try to find their supplier. i think adagio is it...
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