Any Youngen's out there?

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Postby Maracle » Aug 25th, '06, 02:26

im 15 years old, iv been looking for somthing like adagio for some time and found this site through Diggnation
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Postby Carnelian » Aug 25th, '06, 11:09

Welcome to TeaChat Maracle
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Postby peachaddict » Aug 25th, '06, 18:41

Yes, welcome, Maracle.
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Postby keelyn » Aug 27th, '06, 14:40

I'm 22. Does that count as a youngen? I feel young. Of course, when I was 15, I thought 19 was old.
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Postby xfxgeforced » Oct 4th, '06, 10:29

depends...are you former congressman Mark Foley? :shock:

Postby jakal323 » Nov 29th, '06, 11:42

I'm 27 here. I've been drinking herbals and such since I was very small (4 or 5). Lot's of bush tea & ginger (grated straight from the root and brewed until it's orange). Got into black & rooibos tea just about two months ago.
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Postby FairTaxGuy » Mar 4th, '07, 23:37

Geez, I see "youngen" mentioned I thought that'd be me but I'm like an old-timer in this thread at 27!! :shock: Though hey, when this thread was started I was only 26 :lol:

I'm part asian so I still have that young look at least :D

I can't imagine tea fanatics in their teens. Kudos to you guys. My tea at that age was a can of lipton brisk. Basically just an alternative to drinking pop!
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Postby TammysRecipes » Mar 6th, '07, 01:33

Well, I feel young, but I guess at 25 I'm not so much anymore... Strangers in the grocery store still tell me I look like I'm 16 though! That will be nice in about 10 years when I look like I'm 20. ;)

I've been drinking tea since I was 14. I started collecting the empty wrappers/envelopes when I was 15 (I think). I have quite a collection, though nothing compared to some teabag collectors in Holland and other countries!
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Postby SnapshotCat » May 9th, '07, 13:02

I'm 26 and even though I've just gotten into loose leaf, I took a slight interest at 12 when my mom was working for Bigelow. When I was born my Dad was working for Twining. It took awhile for me to truly appreciate it.
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