Bay Area? Feedback for new tea product

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Bay Area? Feedback for new tea product

Postby karlamei » Apr 7th, '06, 18:14

I am a Senior at Stanford University, majoring in Product Design, and for my final project I am designing a travel mug designed specifically for tea drinkers. And I need your help!

If you're in the Bay Area and are willing to sit down with me over a cup of tea at your favorite restaurant or tea bar, I will come to you. All I ask in return is an opportunity to interview you and have you check out my prototypes.

If you aren't in the Bay Area but still want an opportunity to help me create a great new tea product, please email me with existing products that you love and hate. Tell me about your tea experience. Tell me what you want in a travel mug designed especially for tea drinkers!


I will be working on this project until the beginning of June, 2006.

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