Tea events in Nara

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Tea events in Nara

Postby togei » Nov 19th, '10, 18:46

If there are any members in the Nara area that are interested there are 3 events in the coming days here in Nara.
Today, the 20th. of November, at the Nara Hyakunenkaikan there is a 'show' of award winning tea from all over Japan. Hyakunenkaikan is next to J.R. Nara station.
Tomorrow in front of the Hyakunenkaikan there is a demonstration of 'temomi'. You can see how the tea is 'momi'-ied.
The 25th. of this month at Yamazoe village sports center there is a tea tasting event. Anyone can come by and taste tea from ??, the email didn't say where the tea will be from.

I got an email yesterday from a tea grower in my village and thought I would pass on the information on the outside chance there is someone here interested. If anyone is interested in the Yamazoe Village tea tasting please send me a private message and I will send directions.
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Re: Tea events in Nara

Postby JBaymore » Nov 19th, '10, 19:47

Really wish I could attend...... but a bit of a trip. :wink:

Hopefully someone from TeaChat is currently in Japan and can take advantage of this.


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Re: Tea events in Nara

Postby Chip » Nov 19th, '10, 19:48

If you go Togei, please share some photos and how it went!

Thanks! :mrgreen:
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