Nicest vendor web site ?

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Re: Nicest vendor web site ?

Postby Chip » Dec 1st, '10, 20:15

edkrueger wrote:
Chip wrote:Pictures of the tea are a must! Color, leaf form, etc. Ed, I recall you had an issue with a Den's tea not matching the photo.

So photos are helpful IMHO. They help to "sell" me on a tea ...

Exactly, the photo was deceiving.

It seems yours was, while others were not. Point being, it is hard to cry foul after receiving w/o photos before purchasing.

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Re: Nicest vendor web site ?

Postby mbishop » Dec 5th, '10, 14:44

Ippodo is nice, but I prefer Den's website. It's just a lot simpler, nice and clean.

Obubu tea has a decent site, but a lot of the links are broken (but you can usually get to the page some other way).

Zencha has an ok website, but I wish each tea had it's own info page or something. And bigger pictures.

Greentea-Japan has a really slick looking site.

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Re: Nicest vendor web site ?

Postby Fredrik » Dec 7th, '10, 07:52

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