How Much Tea Is Too Much?

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How Much Tea Is Too Much?

Postby Karl » Dec 16th, '11, 19:50

I've been drinking 2-3L of tea per day. I usually resteep the leaves two or three times using a standard amount of leaves. I don't have a weight scale yet, but it's arriving. I enjoyed rooibos and chamomile which lack caffeine, so I'm going to drink them more often. I didn't care much for any other herbal teas. I haven't noticed any side effects. Thoughts on this?

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Re: How Much Tea Is Too Much?

Postby debunix » Dec 16th, '11, 19:58

If you're comfortable with a few extra trips to the bathroom, and it makes you happy, sounds fine to me!

I drink 2 liters a day of mostly C. sinensis teas, because I like it. I don't worry about health risks or obsess over potential health benefits, I just enjoy tea. And some calorie-free extra daily happiness has to have some benefits in stress reduction or something like that, right?

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