Grinding/Powdering loose-leaf tea

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Grinding/Powdering loose-leaf tea

Postby pterikdactyl » Dec 24th, '11, 08:47

Hello all!

So, the idea of powdered tea has always perked my interest, and I was curious if any of you have ever experimented in either finely grinding or powdering a normally loose-leaf tea and serving it much finer than one would find it as a loose-leaf. The biggest reason I'm interested is because it seems like it would be possible to extract a significantly larger amount of nutrients from the quasi-powder than if they were larger leaves. I imagine the taste would be slightly different than an un-ground loose-leaf tea, too.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Grinding/Powdering loose-leaf tea

Postby Chip » Dec 24th, '11, 10:13

Here is a current and related topic.

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Re: Grinding/Powdering loose-leaf tea

Postby Poohblah » Dec 24th, '11, 12:56

Grinding tea into a powder is generally a good way to ruin the flavor.

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Re: Grinding/Powdering loose-leaf tea

Postby Lerxst2112 » Dec 26th, '11, 12:27

The only two ground teas I've had experience with is this stuff here, called Matcha - which is a powdered green tea (link goes to an example...not necessarily one I've tried) :

The other is fennel tea. I'll grind whole fennel seed, and strain them with multiple "infusions" if you want to call them that... just basically re-pouring the water back through the seed. Fantastic for when one has..ehh..gastro-intestinal rebellion... which is what I use it for.

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