WHAT THE?!?!....ewww!

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WHAT THE?!?!....ewww!

Postby GreenwoodStudio » Mar 26th, '12, 22:02

Ok, which of you is responsible for this? :shock: :wink:

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Re: WHAT THE?!?!....ewww!

Postby galatea_chained » Mar 27th, '12, 02:00

I'm not sure whether I should laugh or frown disapprovingly at it.

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Re: WHAT THE?!?!....ewww!

Postby teaisme » Mar 27th, '12, 17:19

It's actually a tea master training tool to practice shedding all distractions and steep tea masterfully even with balls in your face


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Re: WHAT THE?!?!....ewww!

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Mar 27th, '12, 19:49

trolls from 4chan did it.

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