I have been zapped!

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I have been zapped!

Postby Chip » Dec 1st, '12, 19:21

Greetings TeaFriends.

I am posting this topic here and under TeaChat Announcements and User Guide.

Yesterday while I was away, we had an ... occurrence with our electrical system. Not sure exactly what happened. Long story ... short, our electricity is completely out of whack. I can only hope it is external, but I think this is optimistic of me.

It appears to have damaged my PC as well as I have no response to turning it on. But perhaps there is something else amiss not related to the PC. So, I am limping along right now, please be patient if you contact me and I am slow to respond.

I will be on TeaChat at least once a day, likely more ... but definitely not like I am normally. If you notice a "problem," you can either PM me or send an email to teachatmoderator@yahoo.com.
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Re: I have been zapped!

Postby Drax » Dec 1st, '12, 20:38

Ugh, sorry to hear that, Chip... hope you have a speedy recovery all around! :(
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Re: I have been zapped!

Postby JBaymore » Dec 2nd, '12, 00:13

Sorry Chip. That's kinda' weird.


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Re: I have been zapped!

Postby jayinhk » Dec 2nd, '12, 01:34

Sounds like you may need to replace your PC's power supply. Hope you get your issues resolved quickly!
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