Tea Timer for Macs

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Tea Timer for Macs

Postby xine » Sep 6th, '07, 15:41

My friend just sent me this link- i'm going to play around with it, but it looks like you can customize the type of tea and timer, so it's all presets. It sits on your dock, like a little cup ready for sipping...


*Update-Just used it and it makes a fun little pouring noise and displays a tiny timer above the cup on the dock. I've added about 6 teas that I frequently drink. Very fun!
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Postby madman91 » Sep 29th, '07, 23:31

Similar tool for linux. (a gnome applet)

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Postby Pierce » Oct 8th, '07, 23:05

thanks so much! I was always looking for an application like this that would work on a mac. MAC PEOPLE LIKE TEA TOO !
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Postby jpetty421 » Oct 12th, '07, 22:24

This definitely saves me $10 on a digital timer...Fun little program
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