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Postby Samovar » Oct 26th, '07, 14:41

Has anyone ever ordered from this site before (Zensuke.com)? They sell items from Japan.


They have some very interesting items.


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Postby Wesli » Oct 26th, '07, 14:57

I agree, they're very fun to look through, but all their interesting kyuusu are upwards of $100. I've never been too inclined to make a purchase from them. I also wonder of their quality, some of their stuff seems to be mass-produced.

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Postby Michael_C » Oct 26th, '07, 15:16

I ordered a set of little tea containers from them. The shipping was prompt and everything arrived undamaged... but some of the containers had loose fitting lids, rendering them useless. Another thing - the 150g containers they sell for $10 sell in Japan for $4... that seems like an awfully steep markup.

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Postby Space Samurai » Oct 26th, '07, 22:02

Yeah, some of its kind of nice, a lot of it looks mass-produced. Some of the prices seem fair, some of the tokoname stuff seems a bit high for the over all quality. I'd buy some things from them, I'd just be kind of choosy.

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Postby Mary R » Oct 27th, '07, 11:31

I buy stainless steel mesh brewing baskets for my tetsubin from them...in bulk. :) I think the prices go from $2 to $3.50 depending on the size you need. It's probably more expensive than Japan...but I live in the US, not Japan, and the cheapest equivalent here is about $8.

You won't find artisan pieces there...but that's fine. The pieces are more in the mass-produced line, but they are of quality (and I'll gladly admit to coveting their etched sushi cups). My experiences with the vendor have been good, and usually very expedient

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