What's up with anteadote?

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What's up with anteadote?

Postby Marlene » Jun 14th, '05, 15:43

Well, what is up? I realy want to give it a try, but you've been out for almost a month now. (maybe longer, I've been back online for almost a month and you've been out since then)
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Postby chris » Jun 14th, '05, 16:20


Thanks for the post.

Due to changes in the design and recipe, we've had to delay the rollout of the new line of AnTEAdote bottled teas.

They should be available in about 2 months, in great new flavors and better than ever!

Anxiously waiting myself,

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Postby ribex » Oct 20th, '05, 00:10

Did AnTEAdote ever (re)appear? I was going to order one with my first order but was "out of stock".
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Postby ilya » Oct 20th, '05, 00:49

Unfortunately, logistic delays have caused us to miss the summer rollout. Not sure how popular this item will be in the dead of winter :(
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