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Postby Dronak » Sep 10th, '05, 22:24

The full tea list has a few selection options there and most of them make sense. Best rating is obvious as is no caffeine and most popular is probably based on sales in some form. I would guess that best value is for teas that have less than normal/expected prices. But "mesmerizing"? Currently, this group conatins just four teas -- red bloom, red mudan, jasmine #12, and oolong #18. Does "mesmerizing" refer to the way the leaves unfurl during steeping/brewing? Looking at those teas, it seems like that's one of the special points about them mentioned in the descriptions. I was just curious because the meaning of this category wasn't as obvious as the others. Thanks for your help.

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Postby klemptor » Sep 10th, '05, 23:19

With the exception of Oolong #18, they're all display teas. Oolong #18 looks like it has whole, hand-rolled leaves, so you're probably right - these are listed this way because they're nice to watch steep.

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