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HELP! - TeaChef

Postby klemptor » Sep 11th, '05, 16:36

Help! I went to the TeaChef submission form today to enter my recipe. When I clicked "submit recipe" nothing happened - it doesn't look like the button is working.

Also, I thought I'd mention that the submission form could use a few tiny tweaks:

- Please widen the text boxes so that more text will display at a time - it would be great if they'd fill the width of the main content frame.
- Please consider adding a text box for "comments" - the chef may have a note or suggestion for any readers.

Thanks! *scurries off to munch on her yummy tea concoction*
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Postby Ric » Sep 11th, '05, 17:22

Yes, I just got my tea in the mail two days ago. When is the deadline to submit our recipes?
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Postby klemptor » Sep 11th, '05, 17:37

September 25th.
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Postby Marlene » Sep 11th, '05, 19:36

I still haven't recived mine...
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Postby ilya » Sep 11th, '05, 19:41

We sent them out early last week. People on the west coast should be receiving them in the next few days.
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Postby PeteVu » Sep 11th, '05, 19:42

my sole idea has failed. time to go back to the drawing board.
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