Your website charged my credit card 4 times!!!

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Your website charged my credit card 4 times!!!

Postby Buyer Beware » Oct 1st, '05, 17:16

For an order that I tried to submit and it kept giving me an error message stating that I had an incorrect password. The order still shows open. What the heck is going on? :x I hope I better hear from someone soon regarding this! I've sent two emails and left a voicemail.

An unsatisfied customer,
Rita Scott
Vancouver, WA

Buyer Beware

Thanks Ilya for taking care of this!!

Postby Rita » Oct 1st, '05, 17:48

My mind is at ease now!

Rita Scott
Vancouver, WA


Postby ilya » Oct 1st, '05, 17:52


Sorry for the confusion. We have issued you a credit for the amount we charged. We hope you enjoy the teas :)


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Postby Dronak » Oct 1st, '05, 19:40

I'm glad the problem got fixed quickly. I had no doubt it would. Any company would fix such a mistake as soon as they could, so I think a complaint on the web board was premature. But anyway.

I would like to note that this is exactly why you have to be careful about submitting web forms multiple times. Refreshing a page with a web form can also cause the form to be submitted again. And multiple submits equals multiple charges. Just a friendly little reminder for everyone. :)

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