I received my first order!!!!

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I received my first order!!!!

Postby Teatime » Nov 8th, '05, 19:59

I received my first order today and I had to share my excitement!! I ordered the starter black flavored tea set that included the wonderful ingenuiTEA teapot which I used for the first time tonight!!

I also received A Guide To Tea which I find very informative.

I'm sold on Adagio!!!



Postby adenine » Nov 10th, '05, 00:21

Awesome! I received my order today as well. I ordered the green starter set, a clarity cup, and two other teas as well. I think I'm already hooked on citron green lol.

I really love the teas/products Adagio, which is why you will have this customer for life. :)

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