twigs in tea?

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twigs in tea?

Postby jogrebe » Nov 24th, '05, 15:05

I just found a few small bits of twigs (or maybe thick stems) in with my Adagio Puerh tea. Is it normal for this in loose Puerh tea or was it an oversight on the part of the processors? Regardless its not a bit deal to me as I realized that tea is from a plant as compared to lets say finding twigs in cheese or honey or odd bits of metal in with tea leaves.

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Postby JamesBeach » Nov 30th, '05, 06:53

Not the finest pick leaves, obviously, but I doubt it affects the flavor any. I'd really only get worried if you find yourself saying you wish you had some leaf in your twigs. ;) Hey, maybe we have a new specialty here: Twig Tea. I can see it now...

Postby klemptor » Nov 30th, '05, 09:47

Twig tea already exists - that's another name for kukicha (one of my favorites).
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