Blue vs. Red FAIL

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Blue vs. Red FAIL

Postby Geekgirl » Nov 7th, '08, 15:07

I got an email today encouraging sending a gift set from a Red State to a Blue State.


This nation is (or should be) trying to overcome divides like this. While a "bridge" promotion sounds all nice in theory, it simply propagates the idea of Red States of America and Blue States of America.

As someone I admire pointed out, it's time to stop all of that, and remember that we are the UNITED States of America.
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Postby geeber1 » Nov 7th, '08, 15:14

Well put, Geek!
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Postby tenuki » Nov 7th, '08, 15:47

It's our system that perpetuates the myth. Investigate proportional representation and get active to change!
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Postby edkrueger » Nov 7th, '08, 16:26

No voting system is fair or accurately represents the will of the people, but that is besides the point: Even if voting did represent the the people are not smart enough to understand what is their best interest in the political sphere. See B. Caplan's Myth of the Rational Voter.
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Postby Salsero » Nov 7th, '08, 16:41

edkrueger wrote: Myth of the Rational Voter
Cool looking book! The title alone is a fair amount of revelation. It's written by -- surprise, surprise -- an economist, further deepening my understanding that politics is all about economics and only pretends to be about other things.

I always worry that when the two sides of the aisle get along too well together (like in the US) it means they are really pretty much just the same. Real politics is about class struggle and doesn't happen on cordial terms.
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