Best customer service!

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Best customer service!

Postby Cate » Feb 24th, '09, 15:49

I just had to write about this :]

As i wrote on the teaware section of this site, the two glass cup and saucer sets i ordered were a bit defected.... well, the cups seem to be fine, but both of the saucers randomly exploded. I hadn't even used them yet, they were sitting on my countertop and had not even been touched, and one just exploded and sent glass flying everywhere. I emailed customer service and they sent me a new saucer right away, no questions asked. While that was being shipped, my second saucer exploded. When I recieved the new saucer in the mail, I was too nervous to use it (obviously!) so I put it away in my pantry. This is when I wrote on the Teaware forum to warn everyone about what happened. A site mod messaged me about the situation, and sent me 2 brand new saucers AND cups. I can't believe how wonderful this company is. I've never seen such great customer service in my life.
And I felt like i had to mention it, because it really was spectacular :]
Thanks, Adagio!!
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Postby woozl » Feb 24th, '09, 16:57

OMG. Exploding flying saucers?!
Head fer the hills ma!
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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 25th, '09, 17:13

Wow didnt think something like that could happen. Cool adagio for the great customer service.
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