Auto order suggestion.

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Auto order suggestion.

Postby AnnaAult » Jan 9th, '06, 22:26

It would be very very nice to be able to add tea extras to the auto order as well as the teas --- I love and use the paper filters, and would love to be able to have them auto delivered as well... And possibly the sugar shots...

I've added a note about it in the 'special requests' section of the auto order form, but of course I understand it might not be possible with how your shipping is set up.

Still -- 'twould be lovely.

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Postby Lori » Jan 14th, '06, 22:49

Great suggestion!

I drink too many different types of teas for auto order to be practical for me for teas. But, man, would I love to have my sugar shots arrive monthly without thinking about it.

I also agree on the paper filters.

(Strangely, when I logged onto the site today, it asked me if I wanted to auto order my sugar shots--but then wouldn't let me. Tease!)
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