Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas?

Postby kymidwife » Sep 18th, '10, 15:45

Any suggestions for retailers of tea and/or teawares in Vegas? Mostly what I've found in searching online are Victorian-style tea rooms which really isn't my thing. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Las Vegas?

Postby Chip » Sep 23rd, '10, 00:59

Sarah, let us know how you made out when you return. Hope you have a nice trip.

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Re: Las Vegas?

Postby debunix » Sep 23rd, '10, 01:03

They do have big tea expos there, but all that I've seen was one Teavana at a mall, not that I've looked very hard in the monthly short trips I've been taking there for work.

Generally you can find very fine tea in the office that I bring and prepare.....

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Re: Las Vegas?

Postby SlientSipper » Oct 8th, '11, 01:12

China Town!
They have a handful of tea stores.
They also have some really cheap Pu-Erh.
Like a $1.50 for a good sized cake.

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Re: Las Vegas?

Postby JayLay189562 » Dec 31st, '11, 14:45

Did they figure out how to get some alcohol into the tea! only then does it belong in Vegas!!!

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